Polaris Hydralisk plogvinkling

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Polaris Hydralisk Plogvinkling

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  • One (1) Hydraulic Plow Blade Angle System
  • Enables precise control over plow blade angle
  • Convenient control from seat of Sportsman ATV
  • Mounts on plow system and connects to the Sportsman ATV electrical system
  • Includes all necessary Mounting Hardware and Wiring
  • 1-Year Warranty from Date of Purchase

Enjoy precise control over your plow blade angle and optimize your plowing productivity with this Hydraulic Plow Blade Angle System for Polaris Sportsman ATVs. With this hydraulic control system, you can adjust the angle of your plow blade from the seat of the Sportsman ATV. Instead of having to get off the vehicle and manually adjust the blade, use the Glacier PRO Power Controller to precisely adjust the plow blade angle. You'll be able to direct snow or dirt exactly where you want it, and you'll save time.

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SKU 2879635
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